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How I Can Help You Sell a Home

There is a lot that goes into selling a property, which is why it’s so important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced professional who will assist you every step of the way and help you realize the highest return on the sale of your home. Here's what to expect when selling a home with me:

Listing Appointment. This is a completely FREE, no obligation meeting. We will sit down to determine expectations, set price, and discuss staging your property for photos and showings. I will bring a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) with me to this meeting to help determine your home's value. Professional photography will be scheduled immediately following this meeting. 

Complete listing paperwork and Seller's Property Condition Disclosure. During this stage of the home selling process, I will make sure you understand all the terms, processes and documents. When working with me, you will never sign an agreement without first knowing what it means. I will also make sure you agree with all of the property specifics, including a detailed property description, prior to the listing going live.

Property Hits the Market. Property specifics, including professional photos, will go active on the Multiple Listing Service on your predetermined listing date. Immediately following, the listing will be pushed out to all of Jenny Vossler/ERA Realty Center's syndicated sites, including ALL major and credible real estate webpages. When I list your property for sale, you can have confidence that your home will receive maximum exposure to more buyers, as well as agents with qualified buyers.

Show the Property to Potential Buyers. You tell me when the property is available, and I handle the scheduling of all showings! The more available your property is to show, the higher probability of receiving the highest and best offer possible.

Receive, Negotiate, and Accept/Reject Offers. As offers are received, I will thoroughly review and explain each one. I will make sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each offer, helping you to feel confident and protected, and enable you to make informed decisions. If needed, I will negotiate on your behalf and ensure you accept an offer that results in the best terms and highest net possible.

Ensure Deadlines Are Met. Have peace of mind knowing that all the details of your sale are being handled properly by a licensed and trained professional! I pride myself on organization and communication-- The keys to a smooth transaction!

Congratulations! Once the transaction has recorded, you will receive proceeds! This may be the biggest sale of your life, so I'm honored you chose me to be your trusted advisor!

Call me today and let's get your home SOLD!