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Learn Something New in 2024: Hobbies

With the start of a new year, there’s no better time to pick up a new hobby. Here’s a list of ideas to consider:


Gardening is a fun educational and productive hobby to pick up! Plus, it’s so enjoyable to watch a garden grow! The Cedar City area has great soil for growing vegetables like squash, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. Here’s a gardening fun fact: Did you know that your brain also benefits from time spent in a garden? Spending time outside in the fresh air can help with relaxation and de-stressing! 

Learn How to Play an Instrument

It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument! Whether you already know how to play another instrument or you’ve never played an instrument in your life, this is an exciting hobby to learn! Researchers have found that learning to play a musical instrument can help increase verbal memory, literacy skills, etc. Also, according to the article, “The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity,” “Studies have found that short bursts of musical training increase the blood flow to the left hemisphere of the brain. That can be helpful when you need a burst of energy. Skip the energy drink and jam for 30 minutes.” 

Embrace Writing

Writing is one of the cheapest hobbies to learn because all you need is paper, a pen or pencil, and your imagination! From poetry and songwriting to writing short stories and journaling, the creative options are endless when it comes to writing! Writing is a great way to get your feelings out of your head and onto paper! According to the article, “How Writing Improves Your Brain and Helps You Heal,” “A brain imaging study by UCLA psychologists revealed that expressing feelings, in verbal or written words, reduces activity in the amygdala, the brain’s emotional center, and engages the thinking brain. This brain pattern can make sadness, anger, and pain less intense.” 


If you are knowledgeable and have experience in a certain field or topic, passing along tips and tricks to the next generation is a great benefit to others and yourself. Did you know that mentoring not only helps the mentee but can also really help the mentor as well? The lessons you teach are a good reminder for yourself, mentorship forces you to step back and gain perspective, and mentorship grows leadership capacity. For more information about how mentoring can help the mentor, check out this article titled, “It’s a Two-Way Street: Four Ways Mentoring Benefits the Mentor.” 

Outdoor Activities

There’s a plethora of outdoor activities that surround Cedar City! Cedar City locals are blessed with many options of outdoor hobbies that they can pick up and enjoy in 2024. For example, there’s places nearby to go mountain biking, kayaking, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, repelling, skiing and much more




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