Local Insights October 5, 2022

Local Insight: Cedar City, UT

Four Seasons in One Day

Yep, I’m really going to tell you about our “four seasons in one day” weather in Cedar City, UT.  For you locals, this will not be news!  However, if you haven’t spent much time in this amazing state, you may not have read about it on the back of someone’s t-shirt… YET.

First off, the weather in Cedar City (in my humble opinion) is great!  Four true seasons – stunning colors in the fall, sparkly snow and bright blue skies in winter, welcomed tulips in the spring, with semi-hot days and cool nights in the summer.  Google will tell you all that, BUT, it may not mention that we get all of these on the same day.  Don’t laugh until you start your day in a coat, need an umbrella by mid morning, and are changed into shorts by late afternoon.  Just sayin’… It happens!

Just one more reason to call Cedar City HOME – in any season!


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Photo credit to StirlingPG – Retrieved from Canva on 10/05/2022.